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We are a group of talented admins, web devs, graphic designers & IT experts all ready to help make your life a little easier and make your business run a little smoother. We’re passionate about your organization and are here to provide you with one-off, project based or ongoing support when you need it.

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Local Admin & IT

From bookkeeping to social media marketing and personal assistant services, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Local Web Development, Design & Support

We get the web, and want to help you make your web presence the best it can be. We’ll support you to make informed decisions about your website and have confidence in the direction it’s going.

JK Financial live!

We’re proud to have JK Financial designed built and live! Katie is a Palmerston North based financial consultant, and she and her business have been helping people sort their finances for a number of years. The project included looking at everything, including her branding, logo (and even her business name!). We designed a custom site, and completed the development on Webflow for its rapid development tools and flexibility.

Recent Updates

  • Major WordPress Update Complete!

    As early December, we have tested each client’s website and deployed the latest version of PHP. This has increased performance, increased security and helped identify out of date parts of websites. Some websites have had partial updates, and some have had a complete refresh!

Tech this out

We wrangle technology and information to get the best solution for you and your business. If you’re getting your head around a new tool, ask us and we’ll help you get trained and ready.

We specialise in administration and web, contact us to discuss your project needs. We’ll prioritise getting your roadblocks out of the way so you can get on with running your business or doing what your organisation does best.

What are you waiting for? get assistance now!

We’re always trying the latest tools, here are a few we specalise in, use ourselves, and can help you get the most out of!

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