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Internet with Intent

The web changes every day (we’ve been watching it to make sure).

We help focus on the people that use your site, and help you communicate effectively.

Whether you need help with the day to day of your website, or you want to start dipping into online ads or beginning SEO. Get in touch and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Website Builder Expertise

Today it’s easier than ever to make a website yourself, but it’s harder to get the most out of it. Tending to your website regularly, updating and better describing your goal, helps both you and your visitors better understand what you are about.

We’ll help you make the most of your existing web host, but also advise when it’s time to make like a hermit crab and move on to a bigger platform. We can help keep your website fresh and modern, and fix any issues that require just that little bit more work.


We use WordPress for a lot of our clients sites, it’s incredibly flexible and well supported.


Marketed heavily and often a first choice for people trying to make their own way.


Super quick and cheap, great for small starter website to get your name out there!


Incredibly quick to get an online store going, can get pricey adding extra functionality.


Need an image first layout with an easy to use backend editor? Squarespace is a great way to showcase your images.


Incredibly versatile editor for complex layouts. Perfect for websites that need their design updating quickly and often.

Get Assistance
I’m not sure what any of the apps mentioned above mean!

That’s ok! If you already have a website, you can check your billing information and see if you already use something we use often. All website platforms are very similar and we’ve nearly used them all. We’ll happily meet up with you online or in person (in Hawke’s Bay), and help you understand what your current solution is capable of. We’re focused on making the most of both your time and money.

Do I need to buy a whole new website?

Spending time on your current website, polishing content and getting a good idea of what your current website does right will allow an educated decision whether to rebuild or add on. Quite often some design time can make some drastic improvements!


Djany Sheffield

<Chief Mouse & Admin Expert>

Amy has worked as a store manager and office administrator in a number of businesses. Her experiences have led her to create Mouse & Co., in the hopes of helping as many business owners across New Zealand as she can.

She holds a Degree in Business, majoring in information Systems, and is always looking to further her knowledge of administration and relevant technology, allowing Mouse & Co. to maintain a forward-thinking approach and selection of services to their clients.

Stuart Kent

<Web Developer & Designer>

Stuart has a range of experience in IT, working in freelance, marketing and development roles, for individuals, small and local businesses, and overseas corporates. Stuart holds a Bachelor of Computer Science. Interested in the impact of design, he likes to focus on finding modern and conscientious solutions and processes.

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