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We Help Small Businesses Like Yours

Big or small, let us know what’s getting in your way, and we’ll get you started! We have clients in Hastings, Napier, Havelock North, Auckland, Wellington and further in New Zealand and Australia.

Amy Tanabe

<Chief Mouse & Admin Expert>

Amy has worked as a store manager and office administrator in a number of businesses. Her experiences have led her to create Admin Mouse, in the hopes of helping as many business owners across New Zealand as she can. She holds a Degree in Business, majoring in information Systems, and is always looking to further her knowledge of administration and relevant technology, allowing Admin Mouse to maintain a forward-thinking approach and selection of services to their clients.

Stuart Kent

<Web Developer & Designer>

Stuart has a range of experience in IT, working in freelance, marketing and development roles, for individuals, small and local businesses, and overseas corporates. Stuart holds a Bachelor of Computer Science. Stuart is interested in the impact of design, and focuses on bringing modern and conscientious techniques and thinking to problems, measured against classical solutions.

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